Since 2018 our goal has been first and foremost to leave a legacy by making real impact by contributing to positive change to the environment. Yes, we know that many organisations’ claims about their efforts to reduce ocean plastic waste are simply to shore up (excuse the pun) their green credentials. While their intentions are good, let us tell you why here at Nuoceans we’re making a more significant difference.

Flip-flop waste. What most people don’t know is that flip-flops are almost entirely unrecyclable. Yet, they continue to be the #1 footwear around the world. 3 billion (yes, youread it correctly - 3bn) pairs are produced every single year and account for a huge amount of ocean plastic pollution. We’re one of the first companies that has found a way of making practical use from what were once just a pair of discarded,flip-flops floating around,in our oceans. Plastic bottles, bags, and straws are relatively simple,to recycle, but who tackles rubbish that washes ashore and is not commonly recyclable? Well, we do!

It started on a holiday in South-East Asia. During one of many beach days, we couldn’t help but notice the enormous effects of ocean pollution and how it affected not only local people, but ultimately every one of us. Around one fourth of every beach clean are flip-flops, the most commonly worn footwear around the world. Miles of discarded flip-flops piling up along coastlines and no one doing anything about or with that waste. We felt helpless. But we wanted to help by finding a solution to this problem.

It was our 'Eureka' moment. As a team of young students, we got together and drew up a blueprint for change. We needed to step in where the biggest issue is - and - the main factor for ocean pollution is just the result of how and what we consume on land.

Nuoceans was born and we took the first steps that have led us on the journey we’re on today. Using a circular manufacturing process, we created the first ever sandal made from unrecyclable flip-flop waste with the highest percentage of ocean plastic. 

Our sandals are meant to last a lifetime. We’ve designed them to make you, and our oceans, feel good. And our sandals are helping to combat a problem that has been overlooked for decades.

Join us on our journey towards a better future by being part of a generation of change makers and stepping beyond ocean waste.

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No pair gets left behind. To ensure that our Nuos don't ever end up floating in the ocean again like lost soles, we’ll take back your worn-out pair and even give you a discount on your next purchase.

We’re working on the finer points of the recollection plan right now so we can launch it soon. In the meantime, make sure you take good care of your solemate and we’ll keep you posted.