Created from unrecyclable ocean waste with the mission to save the world

Made from ocean waste

The colourful layer of our models is made from flip-flops rescued from rubbish-strewn coastlines - like an underwater scavenger hunt! These flip-flops embark on an incredible transformation, getting squeaky clean and transformed into our special Nuo soles.

More than one life

Our epic circular manufacturing process takes your worn-out pair on an incredible adventure, giving them a magical makeover for a brand new life! Say goodbye to pollution and wave hello to sandals that will never harm our oceans or lands again.

Vegan & cruelty- free

Our sandal range is the ultimate vegan paradise, where every material used is 100% animal-friendly. And guess what? Our Nuos are made in a certified factory in sunny Spain. Rest assured, we have a strict no-animal-testing policy because we believe in spreading smiles, not harm, as we fashion our planet-friendly wonders.

Every pair is unique

The Nuo layer sets us apart from the rest, making a splash with a vibrant "colorful statement"! By repurposing ocean waste, we give each pair its own dazzling personality where uniqueness and fun reign supreme. Every color mix is a surprise, making each pair a one-of-a-kind treasure that's sure to make you the envy of every beachcomber!