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NuO₂ (Last Remaining Stock)

Size: 4 UK
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End of line stock. This model will be replaced by the Nuo Onyx 

Product Description:


The NuO2 is the star of our ocean-loving sandals. What sets it apart from any other sandal is it's unique NUOLAYER made from 100% ocean waste flip-flops which makes every pair a one-off. From the straps, to the footbed, to the outsole, it's made from recycled and vegan materials throughout. Our sandals also feature an extra cushioned layer on top of the footbed, ensuring a level of comfort that'll make you want to wear them day in and day out.

Unique Features:
  • 300-500g of ocean waste removed per pair
  • 100% animal-free materials
  • Extra cushioned footbed with gel layer on top
  • Regular Fit
  • Special NUOLAYER made from 100% ocean waste flip-flops
  • Every pair is unique
  • Adjustable straps made from recycled, vegan materials
  • Outsole: Recycled Post-consumer EVA
  • Footbed: 100% Recycled Cork with extra cushioned layer


Straps: The vegan-friendly straps are made from recycled PVC

NUOLAYER: Our unique, colourful middle layer is made from 100% ocean waste flip-flops

Footbed: The footbed is made from recycled cork and features a cushioned gel layer on top which makes them extra soft and comfortable to wear

Outsole: The sole is made from recycled post-consumer EVA

Product Care

Our sandals are made to last fighting fast fashion in every step involved. But, we need your help in taking good care of your nu solemates. The footbed can be cleaned with bicarbonate of soda and a little dash of natural soap. In case your Nuos get wet, it is best to dry them immediately to avoid the metal buckles from rusting. 

Shipping & Returns

2-3 working days (depending on location, it may take up to 4 days).

Currently we ship to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

We accept returns within 14 days of purchase. Just make sure they are in the original box and unworn.

Size: 4 UK
Made with Ocean-recycled Materials

Crafted from recovered flip-flops and recycled, vegan materials

Made In Europe

Our sandals are made in Spain, under EU certified working conditions

Extra Cushioned Footbed

A foam layer is added on top of the footbed to guarantee an extra level of comfort

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Our sandals are made for trendsetters and saltwater junkies, whilst not compromising on comfort, style or sustainabilty. Each pair is crafted from 300-500g ocean waste flip-flops, and made from recycled, vegan materials throughout.


Find out about the materials we use for each part of our sandals and the process of how they are made!